UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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This site serves as a forum for discussing all aspects of Islamic Finance from structures to regulation.  The site also contains articles, free downloadable e-Books, You-Tube Videos, research papers, model Islamic Finance contracts, and related legislation and tax information.  Feel free to search this Islamic Finance database for all of your Islamic Finance research needs.  

In addition, the purpose of the site is to help business people in Islamic countries understand the laws regulating every aspect of commerce and understand the environment in which they are working in.

In order to explore the site, type in the key words of your query in the search engine located in the top right hand corner of the site and all related posts will appear in the search results.  Enjoy!

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  Jofer Magsi wrote @

Hello Camille.

I stumbled upon your blog site in my search for an English version of the UAE Civil Code. Would you know where I can possibly download this material? Furthermore, I was wondering if your blog would also feature decided cases on disputes within the UAE construction industry. If you know of useful resources, I would really appreciate all the help for my studies.

Thank you very much.

Jofer Magsi

  Camille Paldi wrote @

Hi Jofer, check the Ministry of Justice UAE website for the UAE civil code.

  samanta wrote @


  ibbhekkt wrote @

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  Rhea wrote @

Hi Camille,
Could you tell me the procedure for changing the local sponsor of a business here in Dubai? Also, do I have to pay him to do so even if he has not invested a single penny in the company?

  derminax tradzik wrote @

Hi, just want to tell you that your blog content is interesting, but you must improve site’s design

  sandra wrote @


  josefina Banez wrote @

i am one of 3 partners llc company, my 2 partners want to cancel our co. for no valid reason or they let me pay 200,00aed.all our profit was withdrawn by them , one hs gotten back her investment n the other one hs profited from undeclared project. they dont want me to continue with company I hv 24% n the 2 hv 12 n 13% Do they hv the right to dissolve or cancel the license? they even want my visa to be cancelled. they r both employed to other company n one of them even forge the signature of the sponsor for her NOC to hv company in dubai. The bussiness center who is facilitating our license is pushing me to apply a new license n to cancel the previous one n also to cancel my investor vise Pls help me urgently coz they are getting back my passport for cancellation. I need legal advice on what todo. I exerted my effort to market our first project n now i hv aanother project but they hold the processing of the vissa of our staff (cleaners) needed to be mobilized urgently. Pls. help me

  tom wrote @

Salaam, I am the CEO of a medical outsourcing company that services insurance companies in the USA and hospitals and clinics in Latin America, primarily Colombia.

There is a company in Dubai that is interested in investing in our medical group, probably to diversify their interests. In order to invest they are requiring us to secure a performance surety bond from a UAE insurance company.

I contacted two companies and they told me it was either impossible or unlikely to secure.

Can you guide me?


  kynvisoiwb wrote @

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  dnuovuh wrote @

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  gotsxgrwwh wrote @

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  RAJ wrote @

Very beautiful !!!

Happy Ramadhan !!!

  Scott wrote @

Hello! Any idea on who in the UAE I can get in touch with regarding a case of fraud involving a Western Union office in the UAE at 27 Naif Road, Dubai , UAE, and the name ‘Mr. Hakim Zafar.’
(Is this kind of fraud covered under UAE law.) The money was sent to this office but then services were not rendered by the sendee, ELS UAE, and G-Recruiters. Need to know if Hakim Zafar does indeed exist and how he can be contacted to see who he has associated with regarding money transfers from August 26 (2011) to the present.


  vfwepnpghc wrote @

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  josefina Banez wrote @

I sent a message on June 4, 2011 about the solution of my problem but i did’nt receive any reply.

Josefina Banez

  JM wrote @

i understand your situation is not easy, but in the days following 04 June 2011, did you even speak with a lawyer face-to-face apart from posting your predicament on this blog?

  fynmwrkjxvw wrote @

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  Peter wrote @

Hello Camille,
I am looking for a surety bond to protect a loan from an investment company from the Kingdom of Bahrain for my project.
Did you know any insurance companies who will sign this kind of bonds and how much costs will be showing up.
Do you have further detailed info for me?
I appriciate your help and assistance.
Looking forward to hearig from you by email,
Kind regards,

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UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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