UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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Call for Papers: Islamic Finance Conference – 29 September 2012- Hosted by El Shaarani Centre for Islamic Business & Finance, Aston Business School, & Durham Business Schools


Hosted by El Shaarani Centre for Islamic Business & Finance, Aston Business School & Durham Business School

Islamic finance aims to establish socio-economic justice through the implementation of key principles such as the prohibition of interest and excessive risk taking as well as integrating ethical concerns throughout the financial intermediation process. Advocates of Islamic finance argue that its principles promote an egalitarian system that leads to a fair distribution of income and also a more stable financial system. Recent research on Islamic finance, however, has found that several issues exist regarding the implementation of these underlying principles. The industry suffers from a number of alarming symptoms such as: the over-reliance on fixed income debt based finance at the expense of profit-and-loss-sharing ones; the underdevelopment of the codes and applications of transparency, corporate governance and social responsibility; and the growing speed of diversion from the essence of Islamic finance principles.

Such issues provide avenues for further research, which will be explored in the conference by focusing on the future development of Islamic finance, in theory and in practice. The conference will also look at whether the true spirit of Shari’ah is being implemented in the Islamic finance industry, by fully integrating ethical values. The conference’s main mission is to challenge the current practices, explore new remedies and promote serious empirical research in the field.

Potential Topics include:

– Governance and performance in Islamic Financial Institutions.
– Competition and the transmission of ethical practices into Islamic banks’ performance.
– Conventional, Ethical and Islamic Finance: is there any difference?
– Is Islamic banks’ efficiency and productivity conditional on ethical practices?
– Transparency, governance and corporate social responsibility by Islamic banks.
– Do Governments behave equally when it comes to Islamic financial sectors?
– The Political changes in MENA region and its impact on Islamic banking industry.
– Did Islamic banks perform better / worse than conventional banks during the latest financial crisis?
– Role of Islamic finance in Economic Development.
– Contract theory and the efficiency of Islamic finance.
– Islamic finance and SMEs.
– Islamic microfinance.
– Impact of Islamic finance on the labour market.
– Behavioural finance extensions of Islamic finance.


Deadline for submission of full paper for the conference: 1st August 2012 
Decision for acceptance for the conference: 1st September 2012 
A selection of successful conference papers will be invited for submission for the JEBO special issue subject to the review process.
Deadline for submission for JEBO Special Issue is 1st November 2012;
Publication date is October 2013.

Guest Editors for JEBO Special Issues:
• Dr Omneya Abdelsalam, Aston University, UK.
• Professor Rachel Croson, University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.A.
• Professor Mahmoud El-Gamal, Rice University,U.S.A.
• Dr Mohamed El-Komi, Durham University, UK

For submission for the conference, please Email:

Dr Omneya Abdelsalam, Finance and Accounting Group, Aston Business School, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET, UK, Email

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UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance