UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

ISRA Call for Papers by May 28th, 2012 for Colloquium 2012

Call for Papers ISRA Colloquium 2012

Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur
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“Islamic Finance in a Challenging Economy: Moving Forward”
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: October 10, 2012

We would like to invite all experts, scholars, academicians, industry players, lawyers and postgraduate students to submit papers that are conceptual in nature and/or applied research to address various issues, problems and challenges encompassed in Islamic finance in the age of economic transformation. The invitation is for papers that cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Islamic Banking
    • Risk Management
    • Ethics in Islamic Banking
    • Islamic Treasury Operation
    • Islamic Wealth Management
    • Innovation in Islamic Banking
    • Product Structuring, Instruments
    • Instruments in Product Structuring
    • Innovation in Equity-Based Financing
    • Shari‘ah and Corporate Governance
    • Shari‘ah Laws, Accounting Regulation and Legal Framework
  2. Islamic Capital Market
    • Islamic Funds
    • Liquidity Management
    • Islamic Hedge Fund & ETF
    • Islamic Asset Backed Securities
    • Rating in an Islamic Capital Market
    • Innovation in an Islamic Capital Market
    • Islamic Private Equity & Venture Capital
    • Islamic Structured Products & Derivatives
    • Shari‘ah and Legal Issues in Sukuk Issuance
    • Shari‘ah Framework for an Islamic Capital Market
    • Regulatory Framework & Governance for an Islamic Capital Market
  3. Takaful and Re-Takaful
    • Underwriting Practice
    • Innovation in Micro-Takaful
    • Innovation in Takaful Operation
    • Micro Risks and Risk Management
    • Shari‘ah Mechanism to Strengthen Takaful Funds
    • Strategic Investment Options for Takaful Funds
    • Sale and Distribution Process in Takaful and Re-Takaful
    • Effective Marketing and Communication in Takaful and Re-Takaful
    • Legal, Regulatory and Jurisprudential Issues in Takaful and Re-Takaful

 Important Dates:

  1. Submission of abstract: 28th May 2012
  2. Notification of abstract acceptance: 15th June 2012
  3. Last Day for full paper submission: 15th August 2012
  4. Notification of paper acceptance:  10th September 2012
* Due to several requests received, the date of the abstract submission has been extended to 28 May 2012

Submission of Abstract

Submitted abstracts MUST be in English or Arabic and strictly limited to 250-500 words, including keywords. Abstracts must include the following information:

  1. Title of paper
  2. Conference theme or subtheme for which the paper should be considered
  3. Full name(s) of author(s) and their organizational affiliation
  4. E-mail address of the (first) author
  5. Number of words
  6. Author’s resume of up to 300 words (excluded from 500 word limitation)

All abstracts must be submitted via email to or The deadline for submission of abstracts is 28th May 2012. The research committee will consider all abstracts received by the submission deadline. The authors whose abstracts are accepted will receive notification by 15th June 2012. The abstract must provide a means of communicating new results and significant conclusions. Only original and previously unpublished work should be submitted for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

  1. If the paper is written in English, the typeface used should be Times New Roman font, 12 pt., and with a 1 inch margin on the left and right of the page. If it is written in Arabic, the font that is used should be Traditional Arabic, 18 pt., and with the similar margin as above.
  2. The title page should clearly state:
    1. Title of the paper
    2. The keywords related to the paper
    3. Name of the author(s)
    4. Department(s) and affiliation(s)
    5. Mailing address
    6. Email address
    7. Phone numbers
    8. Fax number
    9. The corresponding author(s), if different than the lead author
  3. The first page of the paper should also include the title of the paper as well as the abstract. Papers and abstracts must only be sent via email.
  4. Authors should provide brief bio data, including full name, professional designation, organisation, academic qualifications, contact details and field of expertise.
  5. Contributors are responsible for the originality of their own writing.


Student RM250 / USD100 (Early Bird RM200 / USD80)

Non-Student RM500 / USD200 (Early Bird RM400 / USD160)
* Payment for the early bird rate should be made before 15th September 2011.

* Both the travelling and accommodation expenses of the speakers and participants will be fully borne by each individual, and not by ISRA.

UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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