UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

Looking for New Steps in Islamic Finance by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani


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The two approaches the interest based financing and theislamic financing have to face the same hurdles : greed of intermediaries. The first one is confronted to excesses in interests rates that leads to appropiation of the asset by the funds providers. The second are confronted to a more complex types of difficulties : the fair value of the assets or the reality of the ownership transfer.
If you consider the interest as the expression of the anticipated risk of a forward operation and that the parties agree on the regular reassessment of this anticipated risk valuation then you are on the same ethic approach than the fact that imply a sharing risk between parties that are only possible when the transaction is fully completed.
In one case you are able to manage the time frame on the other the either you live this uncertainty open and so you cannot transfer regularly the proceeds of the transaction because you do not know the final outcome or you are conduct to have the same basic approach.
If you take into account the last works on the the signification of the value as social approach instead of the trafitional objective approache derived of a fundamental equilibrium of the exchange of products created by men labour, you are confronted to the uncertainty of the value that is the ptoduct of human groups interlinks.

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seeking islamic finance for malaysian/bangladesh project. further 88-01710-962792. u may drop your bz card as sms to this number. regards, hafiz

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Novel Islamic Financial Proposal
Solution to Absorb Economic Crisis

When review business influence is related to the development of international economic regulations, created by globalization influence and quick technique development, will find that value change of variable environments has been faced less monetary policies upgrading and low controlling tools efficiency.

As initiative such idea for lending and micro financing, at totally new mechanism and new role, novel lending model which could fit for Islamic legitimacy terms as well the globalization economics terms and requirement.

Idea through creating an access try exploitation of the varying of levels in recovery and recession, in different countries and economics as well as the monetary policies variety to substitute financial benefits and interest value

Proposal economically has been crystallized, feasibility study including planning budget for presumptive project completed which showing good feasibility

Moreover, as hypotheses for serious research hope to provide solution and create new role in the international monetary policies as well as effective worldwide globalization influence and more consequences.

Islamic Financing Institutions supporting and sponsorship is highly appreciated, especially that idea might fit for Islamic Financing legitimacy roles and avoiding more illegal Tawarruq.

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UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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