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Looking for New Steps in Islamic Finance by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Looking For New Steps in Islamic Finance



Journey Through Central Asia

Traveling Across Central Asia

By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi






Islamic Finance in Brunei Darussalam

Islamic banking in Brunei Darussalam

M. Shahid Ebrahim

University of Brunei Darussalam/National University of Singapore, Singapore, and
Tan Kai Joo
Kemuda Resource Agency Sdn Bhd, Brunei

Islamic Banking in Brunei


Consumer Perceptions of Islamic Insurance Companies in Brunei Darussalam

Mohamed Sharif Bashir and Nor Hafiizah Hj Mail

Faculty of Business and Management Science, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, Jalan Pasar Baharu, Gadong BE1310, Brunei Darussalam,

consumer perceptions of islamic insurance companies in Brunei


Brunei Launches Islamic Finance Center


Brief Summary of Sukuk By Brunei Monetary Authority


Brunei Monetary Authority Legislation and Regulations

Islamic Finance in Australia

Islamic Finance in Australia by

Islamic fInance Australia (AusTrade)

Board of Taxation Discussion on Islamic Finance Paper

Click to access bot-islamic_finance_discussion_paper.pdf


Prospects for Islamic Finance in Australia

Click to access Hiwar1430-11.pdf

Prospects of Islamic Finance in Australia

Call for Papers for International Conference on Islamic Capital Markets (June 19-20, Jakarta, Indonesia)



June 19-20, 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia


Islamic capital markets are to become an important part of the Islamic financial system. While new products are steadily coming into the market and the Islamic investment instrument are growing, Islamic capital markets still constitute a very small niche. For a discernible impact on the investment promotion, market stability, and equitable socio- economic development there is a growing need to accelerate the process of product development, to create conducive regulatory environment and to improve the market practices. This task requires development of new human capital and knowledge base.

With this larger objective, the immediate focus of this conference is on three issues:

  1. Design and use of Islamic financial products for Islamic capital markets.
  2. Identification of the needs for and the implications of market regulations for development of Islamic capital market.
  3. Identification of Shariah non-compliant practices of conventional capital markets and suggestion of ways for reformation.

Original and unpublished theoretical and empirical papers are welcome in the above three broad areas. A list of possible topics is also provided below only as a guide.

Empirical as well as theoretical papers are invited in the following and related areas: Design and use of islamic capital market products; Survey of existing tradable islamic financial products, Survey of process of product development in islamic financial institutions, Ijarah sukuk and their markets issues and problems, Various other kinds of sukuk and their markets – challenges and opportunities, Designing financial products based on Hybrid Financial Contracts, Risk and return characteristics of islamic financial products and contracts, Hedging instruments and practices in islamic finance, Sukuk as a primary investment mode in islamic capital market, Risk management strategies with islamic financial products, Pricing of fixed return tradable assets (e.g. murabaha and ijarah sukuk), Accounting issues in islamic financial products – and how to handle them, Islamic options and other derivative products, Forward and futures in islamic finance, Capital market products for public sector financing, History of financial contracts in Islam or tradable financial contracts in Islamic history, and Case studies of islamic capital market products.

Regulation of the Market; Survey of capital market regulations and their conduciveness for Islamic financial products, The impact of implemented regulation to growth and development of sharia financial markets, Implications of WTO on the financial markets of muslim countries and other countries investor, Entrepreneur protection laws and their effectiveness/implementation in countries stability of islamic financial markets, Zakah calculation for financial assets, Disclosure and transparency of tradable financial products, Development of self-regulating organizations for islamic financial markets, Issues in cross- boarder trade of financial assets, Secondary market regulation on islamic capital market – challenges and opportunities, and Integration of financial markets across muslim countries the regulatory aspect.

Reformation of Market Practices and Market Infrastructure; Islamic principles of financial transactions and their implications for current market practices, The impact of financial crisis on islamic capital market products, Infrastructure requirements for innovative islamic financial products, Interaction between markets for real and financial assets, Information institutions for viability of new islamic financial products, Islamic credit and business rating agencies, Development of sharia rating index, Requirements for a clearance and settlement system for islamic financial markets, Corporate finance and implications for islamic financial products and markets, Role of institutional investors in development and Stability of islamic financial markets and products.

Important Dates:

Submission of Abstract: March 15, 2012
Short-Listing Decision on Abstracts: March 21, 2012
Submission of Papers: May 01, 2012
Final Decision of the Committee on the Accepted Papers: May 15, 2012 International Conference: June 19-20, 2012

Tickets and Hotel:

Authors of the accepted papers from the outside of Indonesia (one author in case of co- authored papers) will be covered for round-trip economy class air ticket and hotel accommodation during the conference, and the authors of the accepted papers from Indonesia (one author in case of co-authored papers) will be covered for the hotel accommodation during the conference.

Best Paper Award:
The best paper of the conference will be awarded the best paper award. The organizers reserve the right to publish the selected papers either in the IRTI Journal “Islamic Economic Studies” and/or in the volume of conference proceedings.

Evaluation Method:

All contributed papers will be evaluated by the Technical Committee through normal academic review process. The first screening (short-listing) will be based on received abstracts and authors of the short-listed abstracts will be notified to send-in the complete papers by the above deadline. The final selection will be based on the full papers and authors notified by the above mentioned dates. In addition there will be some invited papers and presentations.

Submission Details of Paper:

All submission shall be electronic and in MS Word format. The paper is expected to be less than 35 pages, typed in single space on A4 size paper, and with 1 inch of margin on all sides. The authors are expected to adhere to the following formatting style such as font Times New Roman 12 pt (Text), font Times New Roman 12 pt bold and centered (Section Headings), font Times New Roman 14 pt bold and centered (Title of Paper), numbered sequentially and Titled (Tables and Figures), font Times New Roman 10 pt and numbering sequentially (Footnotes), font Times New Roman 12 pt and follow the style of Islamic Economic Studies Journal (References).

Academic Contacts:

Mr. Djonieri
Indonesian Capital Market and Non Bank Financial Supervisory Agency, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta
Phone: +6221 3858001 ext. 4130
Fax: +6221 3858321

Mr. Salman Syed Ali
Islamic Research and Training Istitute – Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia E-mail:
Phone: +966 2 6466335
Fax: +966 2 6378927

For the further information, please contact the secretariat conference:

Mr. Bimahyunaidi Umayah
Indonesian Capital Market and Non Bank Financial Supervisory Agency, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta
Phone: +6221 3858001 ext. 6843
Fax: +6221 3857901


Islamic Finance in Canada

Toronto Financial Services Authority (TFSA) Report on Islamic Finance


TFSA Report on Islamic Finance in Canada

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) Guidance Note on Shari’ah Compliant Funds

Click to access MFSA%20-%20Shariah%20Fund%20Guidance%20Note.pdf

MFSA – Shariah Fund Guidance Note


UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance