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Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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Materials from the Recent K&L Gates Seminar on Islamic Finance: Recent Issues and Career Opportunities

K&L Gates Seminar

Islamic Finance: Recent Issues and Career Opportunities

February 20, 2012

The Arab Spring of 2011, the Goldman Sachs $2bn Islamic bond, the Islamic Interbank Benchmark Rate – just three recent topics that have reignited interest in Islamic Finance.

This programme addressed recent issues in Islamic Finance and potential career opportunities in the industry.

Specific topics covered included:

  • What happens when Islamic Finance transactions go wrong? The use of arbitration to resolve disputes.
  • The impact of the Arab Spring of 2011 on the growth of Islamic Finance.
  • The convergence of Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Socially Responsible Investment principles.
  • The role of private equity and leasing in Islamic investing.
  • The Islamic Interbank Benchmark Rate.
  • Career opportunities in Islamic Finance.
  • The global impact of Islamic Finance in Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Humayon Dar – Chairman, President & CEO – Edbiz Consulting
  • Jonathan Lawrence – Islamic Finance Partner – K&L Gates, London
  • Mohammed Amin – Islamic Finance Consultant – Conservative Muslim Forum
  • Kathleen Bradley – Counsel – K&L Gates, Doha
  • Omar Shaikh – Partner – RHT Partners
  • Julie Chandler – Associate – K&L Gates, Dallas
  • Sanford Henry – Director – Asset Solutions
  • Thomas Ross – Litigation Partner – K&L Gates, London
  • Daniel-Christian Moerler – Executive Director – LGT Capital Partners
  • Peter Morton – Arbitration Partner – K&L Gates, London
  • Hussain Khan – Disputes Resolution Associate – K&L Gates, London

Download the presentation materials, by topic, below:

Download the full day’s presentation please click here (2 MB)

For further information about Islamic Finance at K&L Gates (UK), please contact Jonathan Lawrence (+44 (0)20 7360 8242).

UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance