UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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Islamic Private Equity Funds: A View from Paul E.E. Wouters

Islamic Private Equity Fund by Paul Wouters

Table of Contents

Understanding Islamic Private Equity Funds – 1

Islamic Private Equity Fund – 3

Investors – 4

Management Team – 5

Investment Strategy – 6

Target Company – 6

Haram Activities – 6

Financial Ratios – 7

Total Debt – 7

Total Interest Bearing Securities and Cash – 7

Accounts Receivable – 7

Legal Challenges – 9

Islamic Liquidity Management – 10

Sharia’h Adviser and Sharia’h Compliance Officer – 10

Sharia’h Awareness – 11

Co-existence with Conventional Finance – 11

Case Study: Co-existence of Conventional and Islamic Investors – 12

Conclusion – 13

About the Author

From origin a Belgian lawyer focused on financial regulations and stock exchange, Paul Wouters has lived and worked for nearly a decade in Istanbul-Turkey. Exposed to Islamic law of contracts and Islamic finance in this multi- cultural melting pot straddling both Europe and Asia, he quickly became a well sought for consultant and speaker on the topic in the broad sense of the word. Paul is amongst others Member of the Antwerp Bar Association (Belgium), senior foreign counsel to Azmi & Associates (lawyers -Kuala Lumpur head office –Malaysia) for EU-Regulations and Islamic Wealth Management and senior foreign lawyer at Azmi & Associates (lawyers – Singapore branch office – admission pending). At present, he is established in Jakarta-Indonesia, where he is Founder – CEO of PT Senturiyon Global (strategic and corporate consulting, conventional and Islamic deal structuring). Paul can be reached at

UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance