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How Do I Get an Emirates ID Card?

Time Out Dubai May 13-20, 2010

Go to, fill out a form and make an appointment to visit one of the registration centres to get your photo and fingerprints taken.  The card will arrive in the post within approximately ten days.

EIDA Hotline 600 52 3432

Dubai Registration Center: Karama Central Post Office, opens at 7:30 am. Phone: 04 334 2055.

Take passport and pre-registration form or buy and fill out pre-registration form at center for 40 AED.

UAE Employment Legal Questions

Time Out Dubai May 13-20, 2010 (Al Tamimi)

Question: Can Your Employer Prevent You From Working in the UAE for A Year If You Leave the Company on Bad Terms?

Answer: If a person has worked for an employer for less than a year and the employment is terminated (or the individual resigns), an automatic six month employment ban is imposed on them by the Ministry of Labor.  If the employee has worked for the employer for less than three years, a six-month employment ban is also automatically imposed.  In both cases this can be avoided if the employer is willing to provide the employee with a no-objection certificate (NOC). If an employee were to resign after working for an employer for more than three years, the employer may request that a ban is imposed, but it is not automatic.  A 12 month ban would only usually be imposed in extreme circumstances, for example where the employee has been dismissed for gross misconduct, and the Ministry of Labour agrees with the dismissal.


Question: Is the Law the Same in Free Zones?

Answer: Generally, the free zones do not impose bans on employees, but may do so if requested by the employer.  It all depends on the circumstances leading up to the dismissal of the employee.  Any ban imposed by a free zone would ordinarily only be applicable within that free zone.  The Ministry of Labor has no jurisdiction over free zones and therefore an employment ban imposed on an individual outside these zones would not generally be enforceable within them.



Question: Can Companies Confiscate Passports to Stop People Leaving the Country?

Answer: Withholding employee’s passports by employers is illegal under the laws of the UAE.  However, it is still a common practice, in certain industries.  Only the relevant authorities in the UAE have the power to retain an individual’s passport.


Question: What Should You Do If Your Ex-Company Can’t Afford to Cancel Your Visa?

Answer: Report the matter to the Ministry of Labor or Immigration Department immediately.  It is the company’s obligation to cancel (or transfer to a new employer) an employee’s visa following the termination of employment.

Traffic Accident in the UAE


Time Out Dubai May 13-20, 2010

Question: “If I have a collision on the road and it is not my fault, but the other person speaks Arabic and is able to argue their case better with the policeman, what should I do?’

Answer: (By Bader Al Zafain at Dubai Traffic Police’s Special Division) – “First, always take yourself out of the danger zone [don’t just stay where you’ve just crashed]. The police will come and either give you a green slip (not guilty) or a red/pink slip (guilty). If you feel you are not guilty but you have been given a guilty paper, you have 10 days to go to the police station, where you can ask the police to recheck your case. Another officer will look at the car, along with the policeman who was at the scene of the accident. He will be asked why he or she came to his or her conclusion, then the case will be reviewed again. If the person is still not satisfied, he or she can go to the police station and file a case. The case will go to the prosecution department and then the special traffic accident division, where they will check the cars involved and decide once and for all whose fault it is. While this is going on, to keep things fair, all fines will be put on hold until the verdict is decided. We’ve had quite had a few cases like this, mostly from European people. Normally it turns out that it is actually their fault. They just didn’t understand why because of the language barrier.”

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