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Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

UAE Employment Visa Application

Submit the following to the Immigration Department for a city of Dubai employment visa:

  1. Employee’s passport copy.
  2. Two passport size photographs.
  3. Approval Letter Received from the Ministry of Labor.
  4. Copy of the immigration card and the original for verification.
  5. Copy of the Trade License.
  6. Application Fee.

Once the employment visa is obtained, a copy should be sent to the employee and the original lodged at the airport at least two hours before the employee’s arrival.  When the employee enters the country, the next step is to apply for the employee’s residence permit.

First, the employee must take the medical test in a government hospital in the emirate of employment and obtain a medical certificate and health card.  When getting the medical test, the employee should take with him or her a copy of the passport, a copy of the employment visa, four passport size photographs, and the appropriate fee. Once the medical certificate is issued, the application for the labor card should be made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs within 30 days of the employee’s entry into the UAE.  In order to apply for the labor card, one must submit the following documents:

  1. Application form typed and submitted through the Injaz program.
  2. The contract of employment between the employee and the employer.
  3. Two passport photographs of the employee.
  4. Copy of the medical certificate.
  5. A copy of the Trade License.
  6. A copy of the Ministry of Labor Card of the Business.
  7. A copy of the visa.

The next step is to apply for the Residence Permit. In order to do this, one must submit the following documents to the Immigration Department:

  1. A copy of the receipt of submitting the transaction to the Ministry of Labor.
  2. The completed application form typed and submitted through the Injaz Programme.
  3. The original medical certificate.
  4. The employee’s original passport.
  5. The original employment visa issued to the employee.
  6. A copy of the sponsor’s passport.
  7. A copy of the Business’s trade license.
  8. A copy of the immigration card of the business.
  9. Two passport size photographs of the employee.
  10.  The application fee.

This should be done within 60 days of the employee’s entry into the UAE on his employment visa.

The penalty for not completing the applications within the required time limits: 25 AED per day to the Immigration Department and 500 AED per day to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

*This information was taken from Al Tamimi brochure on Immigration Law.  Please note different procedures apply in each individual UAE free zone.  This information in no way implies a successful visa application.


  gaurang wrote @

Pls can anybody tell me that when is the fees of the employment visa to be paid and how much,as my employer says they have paid the fees and papers have cleared from the labour dept and is in immigration and just waiting for the sign of the officer as Ramadan is going on work hour is just 3 hrs a day.The visa is applied from last 1.5 mth.

  MM wrote @

hi freinds,
my approvement letter was issued from ministry of labour last week and my company sent my Docs to immigration department for visa release, Does anybody know how lang does it take to visa release fro me?


  Lean wrote @

Hi Maam Camille,

I just wanted to know regarding Employment Visa procedures in Dubai. I was banned for six (6) months as per Labor law for not completing 3 years contract from my previous Company. And actually my ban will be lifted this coming middle of November 2010 and I was already out of the Country. I was working now in Afghanistan with my new Company with Dubai Base until my ban period will end.

Since November is fast approaching next month, My Question is, Is my company can apply a Working Visa for me even if I’m out of the country?How long it would take?How much money involved?And lastly, can I still come to afghanistan every other 2 months if my Visa Approved for work purposes?This is just because my working Base is in Dubai and our operations is in Afghanistan. What is the possible advice should I take from you.

Thank you very much..Hope you can help me on this matter.

God Speed.


  jitendra wrote @

hi i am jitendra nepali from india i got my approval but how many day give my visa coply ple.. send me reply

  harish babu m.k wrote @

hi madam, i got an job offer from my friend in uae. can i know the visa formalities, duration & fees details etc.

  sonia wrote @


i got job in sharja i came through visit visa if my comapany apply for employment visa how many days it will take for me to get the visa
should i exit and enter again
r i just want to know how many days it will take

plz somebody help me

  isaac winfred wrote @

I have got a employment visa in Sharjah which expires on April 13 2011.But I am unable to enter UAE on 13-4-2011 due to acute family problems.If I cant enter UAE before 13-4-2011, what will happen to my employment visa, will it be cancelled for ever or I can renew it by paying penalty.
Kindly reply me

Mr. Isaac Winfred

  Bernard wrote @

As per my employers advised recently that I will be notified about my employment visa in Abu Dhabi once it is ready. How long would the processing takes to be release. My documents and medical clearance/ certificates where completed and forwarded last March 24,2011.How long would my employment visa be available?
Any one knows ?Please help

  keene wrote @

Hi Ma’am,

I would like to know what are the consequences if I still don’t have my labour card and residence visa because my employment visa will expire soon on April 26 and I took my medical test just this April 19… so how long will it take for me to get the labour card? and if the time period of getting has exceeded, who will pay the penalties? what should i do? should i go out of the country or what? please help me. thank you.

  waqar wrote @


Can anybody tell me what is the fee of supervisor visa in any trading company as a person who suppose to send me the visa telling me that I have to pay AED 12000/= for supervisor visa in Scrap Trading company actually I want to work in Scrap.
That person also inform me that my salary will be AED 7000 that will be mentioned on my visa and if i will successfuly show the same amount in bank I can bring my family here ……………is it true ??????

Plz help me ..Help others God help you.

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UAE Laws and Islamic Finance

Laws of the UAE and Islamic Finance

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